Sticking to a one-color uniform makes you look put together—even when you’ve actually pressed snooze six times. The trick the mastering it? Don’t take it too seriously. Whether you want to match everything with precision or mix it up within the same color family, you’ll be getting compliments from your first class to your last.

What’s more simple than a denim shirt dress? Finish it off with a pair of on-trend resin earrings, and voilà!

Rita Myrth

The sweet high-tops (featuring everyone’s favorite Sanrio character) look great with almost anything, but an oversized sweater and bright, distressed denim are both uber-comfortable for a long day of classes. The mini top-handle bag is just the cherry on top.

Fall Collections on Elz Fashion in London.

If you’re too intimidated to try head-to-toe yellow, reach for some extra patterns or texture. The striped polo breaks up the color while still staying true to the sunshine vibes, and a pair of Converse is the perfect shoe.

Consider yourself a minimalist? Get into this all-white look. The modern slingback elevates an oversized striped knit sweater. Top it off with the ever-iconic waist bag to carry around your essentials.

This sun-kissed look is guaranteed to make you (and everyone around you) smile. Tone down the bold overalls with a knit top just a few hues lighter, and tie it all together with a sherbet-striped block heel. (Source:

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